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Digital Transformation Services

Technical consulting
Our consultants identify and prioritize business goals, analyze existing investments and systems, and create a roadmap for software delivery and monitoring services.
As a trusted digital partner, we work together with our clients to plan and build software optimized for their specific needs that provides true and sustainable value.
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Cloud Development
Our highly-experienced and skilled cloud professionals provide end-to-end services that cover all aspects of cloud application implementation.
Cloud app consulting, cloud app development and testing, to cloud app security services, cloud app integration with other cloud and on-premises apps, and cloud infrastructure management.
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Dev Ops
Get the technical talent you need to accelerate delivery.
Our experts will build, deploy, and manage your critical systems, delivering faster deployment, smoother releases and updates, and guaranteed uptime.
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Full Stack Development
Our strong technological know-how and extensive experience in full-stack development allow us to deliver optimized, scalable and secure solutions and applications.
Skilled in Front End Development, Middleware Integration, Back End Development, DevOps, and ensure that every build or solution we release is of top-notch quality.
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Mobile App Development
Mobile technologies are reshaping business and changing how we interact with the world. For businesses, having a strong mobile presence plays a crucial part in increasing visibility and reach thus enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.
As a leading mobile app development company, we help you succeed by creating transformative, robust, secure and state-of-the-art mobile solutions for effortless user experiences that matter.
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Bespoke and Off-the-shelf Software Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs
Your Trust - Our Commitment
Digital Marketing
From brand evolutions and experience transformations to platforms and products, data and intelligence, campaigns and content, if we make it, we mean it.
And you're going to feel it.

Our Work

Enhancing Business with Disruptive Technology. We create better customer experiences and drive revenue through innovation
FinTech Services
Evolve and manage fast-moving payments landscape Connect external devices such as EFT/POS terminals, ATMs or Kiosks and integrate with electronic and mobile payments.
Any issuer, acquirer and processor can manage the fast-moving payments landscape and deliver the best levels of service to their customers.
- Continuous customer service
- Multiple channels
- Multiple transactions
- A fit for your business
Risk & Fraud Management
Fraud is the one thing you want to prevent. Not just because of the financial losses it causes, but also because it can damage your brand.
Customers need to feel safe, so they can put their trust in you. We take your compliance seriously every step of the way: beyond KYC strategies and payments.
- Anywhere any jurisdiction
- Beyond a traditional rules engine
- Checking all channels
- Always up to date
- Check before you block
Mobile Banking
Mobile banking refers to the use of a smartphone to perform online banking tasks while away from your home computer, such as monitoring account balances, transferring funds between accounts, bill payment and locating an ATM.
Mobile banking applications are becoming a vital component of ordinary banking around the world. While just a few short years ago, banking customers were required to travel to their bank in order to process most of their transactions, today’s customers are becoming ever more tech-savvy and concerned with their online banking security.
Internet Banking
Internet banking is a web-based banking solution to facilitate bank customers so that they access their account online. Internet Banking App allows customers to check account balances, pay bills online, make financial transactions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere else.
We are offering CRM solution based on our long-term experience in Telecom and past few years exposure in banking industry. This product is a conclusion of great exposure and in-depth study of our call center experts after a deep-down experience to deal with customers day to day issues, challenges faced by Call Agents and overall performance measurement of Call Center.
The CRM solution is equipped with required tools and competitive feature set to make it must have for any bank.
- Configuration Manager Application
- Complaint Management System
- Reporting Dashboard
- Supported Transactions
API Banking
Offering transparent competitive and fair priced solutions that enhance any customer’s life is the promise of Open Banking worldwide, regulated or not. Open APIs are the major enabler to achieve just that.
Don’t build connectors, empower your implementation teams to adjust connectors built by others.
- Full API management
- Integration engine
- Fraud detection
Chatbots are no longer an innovation but rather a must-have for businesses that count on interaction with customers, including financial institutions. AI-driven chatbots can simulate human conversations, solve clients’ issues in a matter of seconds, and undertake routine tasks, allowing human staff to carry out more complicated and important matters.
- 24/7 customer support
- Digital Payments
- Investments
- Financial Management
- Automated Fraud Detection
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- Insurance & Loans
eWallets offer everything a classical wallet would offer and more. Digital wallets all start from the same core value proposition: offering payments at large without the need for a bank account. Be it a QR code, USSD or NFC type of transaction. This takes us to the next level of cash freedom anywhere: convenience and safety of a cashless future.
- Associated Virtual prepaid cards
- For all payment needs
- Managing all digital value
Integration Platforms
Financial services IT integrations tend to be long, complex, and heavily reliant on rules and regulations. The key to their success is streamlining and simplifying. In an industry that never stops moving and where user expectations continue to grow, wasting valuable time on slow, clunky integrations doesn’t make sense.
- Easy to customise
- Connecting an ecosystem
- An end-to-end toolkit
Digital Lending
Businesses need to grow, but to fulfil their dreams and needs, extra financial room is needed. Whether it is micro loans, or larger sums of money that are needed: the process can be digitalised resulting in top-notch service to both financial institutions and their customers.
- Low risk lending
- Minimal input
- Real-time parameterisation
QR Payments
QR-enabled payments have grown rapidly worldwide. Our solution is a true QR payment aggregator that accepts all types of QR, meeting local, international and EmvCo standards. It facilitates full settlement and unified settlement services for merchants across all eWallet providers and payment schemes. Allowing all merchants large or small to offer their own QR Payment options anytime and anywhere. With the added benefit of offering more information, nudges and hints in the QR code link.
- Focus on user experience
- Rich merchant portal
- All-in-one mobile app


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